Turbo Charge your SAP Business One with Add-Ons

SAP Business One doesn’t need an introduction. The ERP that was built for MSMEs has now become a go-to choice for them. So much so that by 2018, over 60,000 companies were using it to run their businesses, non-stop.

And given the current scenario, it has only served to accelerate its adoption and integration with businesses. A software that can handle Accounting, CRM, Sales, Production, Projects, Finance etc. all at once? Who doesn’t want that?

Not only does it streamline your day-to-day activities, but also helps you transform your business in the long run. But even a software like SAP Business One, a solution that can mostly handle it all, has its limits. The keyword here is mostly. That’s because SAP Business covers about 90% of the basic functionalities that all businesses require from an ERP software.

The reason I say 90% is because the needs of organizations & industries differ from one another on an individual & collective level. There is no software that can provide a 100% complete solution owing to the same fact.

What sets SAP Business One apart from other solutions is its ability to extend & integrate solutions that compliment it and add to its functionality. These function adding complimentary solutions are better known as Add-ons.

These add-ons are made by SAP partners who are experts in SAP Business One. They are then tested and finally certified by SAP to be integrated into SAP Business One. The add-ons add more functionality to your solution and build up on the base product.

Add-ons are made based on the requirement of a particular business or industry. At times they’re also made to benefit functionalities of all the industries, but usually it’s the former. Your SAP Business One partner is adept at understanding your need and guiding you towards specific add-on that’ll turbo charge your trusted ERP solution

Here are some key ways add-ons compliment & boost SAP Business One, at a glance:
    • Industry Specific Functionality
Add-ons for your SAP Business One solution add industry specific functionalities to it. For example, if you’re running a retail business, then the add-on of your choice will be a retail specific add-on such as B1Bazaar. Why? Because B1Bazaar will add crucial retail functions such as Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Promotions, Schemes & Loyalty Programs Management & more retail specific functionalities, which are otherwise lacking in the base SAP Business One software. Add-ons fine tune the software to the intricacies of your business & industry requirements to help you improve efficiency and aid in the smooth functioning of your business.
    • Quick Updates
SAP Business One is a world renowned software that is often updated. But these updates are usually big, that benefit the base functions of all businesses. Industry specific updates are rare unless the issue is a big one. That’s where add-ons come in. Add-ons are made keeping a particular industry and its problems in mind and are always updated as soon as that industry faces a fresh challenge or has a requirement that the add-on isn’t able to fulfil at that point in time. As these add-ons are made by your or other SAP Business One Partners, you can always be sure of quick update simply because of the fact that they work on the ground with the clients on a daily basis, listening to your concerns and resolving them swiftly.
    • Improved User Experience
Add-ons aren’t just created to solve a particular problem an industry is facing, but they’re also made to compliment SAP Business One. Most times, add-ons are made keeping the present and future functionalities, issues, & scenarios in mind. They can be for a particular industry or one that benefits all equally. This makes sure that your SAP Business One software is made future proof. Meaning, by the time an issue pops up, your already have a solution in the form of the add-on. This leads to a great & improved software experience. And we all know how vital a good user experience is. Summing it up, it’s safe to say that add-ons definitely provide your SAP Business One that extra juice in the form of more functionality & industry specific refinement that was missing before. The best part about the add-ons that they cost significantly less than a whole software package but are equal to the functionality of one. The only thing more cost-effective than SAP Business One is its add-ons.

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