SAP Business One for Professional Services Industry

Take your Professional Services business to the Next Level with SAP Business One.

The Professional Services industry is a vast industry dealing in services rather than products.

And as such, there are tons of challenges such as maintaining quality service 24/7, customer relationships, projects, deadlines, responsiveness, etc. Most of the time you’ll find yourself overwhelmed juggling so many things at once.

Not anymore though. SAP Business One is an ERP solution that provides Professional Services-specific functions and features. It allows you to Manage Customer Relationships, Bring further efficiency into your projects & provide the best possible professional services to your customers and much more.

It also brings efficiency to the way you work and streamlines all business processes, allowing you to grab every opportunity and increase business profitability.


Key Features of SAP Business One – ERP for Professional Services Industry

Project Management

SAP Business One lets you automate & manage timesheets, finance, planning, and work in progress and provides project-based analysis allowing for comprehensive project management.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM with SAP Business One is a breeze. It allows you to listen and resolve customer queries, get their valuable feedback, maintain positive relationships, enhance your approach, and guide for the same.


Track project times, get online & offline access to standard systems, update planning processes according to the progress and manage operations efficiently.

Asset & Resource Management

Professional services and project management are highly dependent on resources and assets. You can plan resources in the Gantt Charts with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop function. The advanced layout displays the capacity and resource availability to further help with asset management.


With SAP Business One, you get planned and real-time data in configurable reports through deep analytics. This all, in a push of a button. It also has the ability of graphical report generation.


The billing wizard helps in invoicing and posting. This is of great help to accountants. Plus SAP Business One can take charge & result in a faster and better accounting experience at your organization.

Human Resource Management

SAP Business One has exceptional HR features that provide intelligent workplaces, talent visibility, workforce impact, HR Costs, resource tracking and demand, and more.

Sales & Marketing

Due to the host of analytics & forecast features SAP Business One provides forecasts based on project insights, accurate profitability, revenue tracking, bid management, etc. thereby, bringing more efficiency to your sales & marketing department.

SAP Business One for Professional Services

  • Easy management of requirements & resources thanks to integrated solutions.

  • Helps you nurture and maintain excellent customer relationships thanks to exceptional service & CRM functions.

  • Automation features help in consolidating tasks & administrative functions, saving employees’ time.

  • Gives your employees access to tools and data they need to provide services & take informed decisions.

  • Project management features help you execute and deliver projects efficiently at designated times and avoid delays.

  • Access to real-time data, reports, & analytics allows for quick and profitable decision-making.



SAP Business One + B1Bazaar is a customized solution that works wonders for the retail industry. It offers complete POS solution that provides both, front and back end functionalities.

Additionally it also lets you streamline & centralize business processes, operations, manage inventory, finances, CRM, provides latest critical analytics & data and gives a comprehensive view of your business at one place.

That’s not all, with SAP B1+B1Bazaar you can also manage stores, whether it is a single store or a large chain. Since it is optimized for all kinds of retail businesses, it can easily manage grocery store, fashion boutique, high value electronics, and supermarkets.

Plus, if you’re an e-commerce player that has online stores then it can help you manage it as well. Such functionalities and features make SAP Business One the best for any retail business.

Yes, you can easily connect and collaborate between your head office and store(s). SAP B1 & B1Bazaar’s communication functionalities allow you to keep in touch with your employees and fellow workers.

Through various messaging systems & calls you can easily communicate across the company and keep tabs on the various activities and processes as and when they happen so that you don’t miss a thing. All the aforementioned are easily synchronized between the HO and stores once connected.

SAP Business One can be deployed in three available options:

On-premise – Deployed on your IT hardware and infrastructure.

On cloud – Deployed on a Cloud Hosting Service of your choosing.

Hybrid – A mix of both On-premise and On cloud.

If you find yourself confused between the options then fret not as our SAP experts will help you figure out the best deployment option for your business based on its unique requirements.

Yes, your data comes with you. Our SAP team ensure safe transfer of your data from your legacy system to SAP Business One. They facilitate seamless data migration and keep you updated regarding the progress.

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