Quality Pro

Quality Control (QC) is crucial to every industry, especially manufacturing. Companies follow regulatory guidelines and perform quality checks to ensure the final product is in top-notch condition. And to ensure that regulatory standards are maintained, solutions such as Quality Pro come in handy.

Quality Pro is a Quality Control add-on for the SAP Business One ERP solution. It is easily integrated with SAP B1 and equips it with all the necessary QC tools, extending its functionalities. You can perform and track QC inspections during incoming receipts, in-process activities, manufacturing, production, and finally, pre-dispatch of the final product. You can also define the parameters for these quality checks and assurance processes.

With Quality Pro, you can streamline Quality Control processes and reduce the chances of any possible errors.


Key Features of Quality Pro

Powered By SAP Business One

QualityPro is built for SAP Business One. SAP Business One is the most comprehensive and flexible ERP solution for Small to Medium Enterprises and covers all requisite functionalities.

Inspection of All Document

With QualityPro, an inspection can be done on any transaction in SAP Business One, from GRPO, Issue / Receipt to Production, Delivery, etc. It can also perform shelf-life inspections.

Parameterized Plans

QualityPro provides the flexibility of defining parameters in quality plans. Parameters could be Quantitative, Qualitative or even Dynamic, where the min/max value is determined by a formula.

Suitable for Discreet / Process Manufacturing

QualityPro has been designed to work with both Discreet and Process Manufacturing industries. It possesses quality management features required for both kinds of manufacturing.


QualityPro is highly configurable. Various lists, workflow, etc. can be easily configured using some queries.

Multiple Lab Users

QualityPro keeps track of the user who has entered the inspection.

Benefits of Quality Pro Add-on

  • Seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One.

  • Warehouse quality management for various stages & processes.

  • Works for both Discreet and Process Manufacturing.

  • Ability to create Master Data and update it.

  • Definable parameters to track and manage QC as needed.

  • Single and consolidated reports of QC stage(s) can be generated.

  • Accurate and real time reporting.

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