Communication Add-on for SAP Business One.

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bConnect is the best communication automation solution. It is easily integrated with SAP Business One and allows you to send documents like invoices or purchase orders, reports such as the daily sales report or monthly customer statement, reminders, etc. to your customers, suppliers, sales, employee, etc. all with utmost efficiency & convenience.

Plus you can do it all – WhatsApp Messaging, SMS Messaging, Emails Communication and more from within SAP Business One thanks to bConnect.


Key Features of bConnect

Email Integration

You can email send invoices, payment reminders, reports, etc. to customers/suppliers/employees etc. from within the software.

WhatsApp Integration

Dispatch details, invoices, payment reminders, and new product offerings, with or without attachments can be sent to customers via WhatsApp.

Text Messages & SMS Integration

Send dispatch details, upcoming due invoice notifications, and passwords or run promotional campaigns through Text Messages or SMS.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) / File Server Access

Upload documents or reports from SAP Business One to FTP or File Server, in PDF, XML or any format of your choosing.

Format Option

Send email output in popular formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, Rich Text, HTML, XML or other popular formats.

Powerful Controls

Control every aspect of email output like subject, message, filename (for FTP output), attachment, & more.

Multiple Output Options

Emails can be sent using Outlook or SMTP, send SMS or save the output as a file on a file or FTP server.

Built for SAP Business One

Can be easily integrated with SAP Business One and connected with all popular communication options for seamless communication automation.

Benefits of bConnect

  • Send reports on an hourly/daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/quarterly basis.

  • Reports can be saved to FTP or file server.

  • Save documents like invoices in PDF format to FTP to the file server.

  • Data can be exported to XML or CSV for use in EDI.

  • Built-in chatbots that allow your customers to raise queries directly on WhatsApp.

  • Send purchase orders & payment information to suppliers as soon as posted.

  • Send daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly sales reports to sales employees.

  • Send monthly stock status & customer/vendor aging reports to managers/sales employees.


  • Basic Details

    Set basic details of the rules, like description, where to save, etc

  • Source

    Use a Crystal Report document layout or report or an SQL Query as source

  • Destination

    Select to whom to send, customers, vendors, employees, etc.

  • Schedule

    Decide how many times to run, it can run every hour, every day, once a week, etc.

  • Method

    Whether to send by email / SMS or WhatsApp or save output to FTP or File Server

  • Options

    Select format, PDF or Excel, Send as attachment or in mail body.



A business solution that has rapid turnaround time, affordable, flexible & scalable.

bConnect is the ultimate communication automation add-on for SAP Business One. It is easily integrated with SAP Business One and allows you to automate business communications like sending documents, emails, SMS text messages and WhatsApp messages.

Yes. Not only does it allow you to connect WhatsApp with SAP Business One but it also allows you to build an automated Chabot that can communicate with your customers as and when required.

bConnect’s flexibility and versatility make it an ideal choice for automating business communication. It can help you send important documents, reminders, files, invoices etc. to your Customers, Suppliers, and even Employees, ensuring complete harmony and virtually no gaps in communication.

bConnect’s pricing is determined by several factors. To know an exact figure for your particular integration please get in touch with our experts here.

bConnect is Accelon’s very own product and you can rest assured that you’ll find support at every turn. No matter the issue or query, our teams are there to handle it all.

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