SAP Business One for Electronic Components Manufacturing Industry

Electrify the Manufacturing & Management of your Electronic Components Business with SAP Business One.

Brands in the electronic industry can benefit from SAP Business One as their primary ERP for electronics manufacturing and streamline business processes.

It also helps simplify the production processes and ramp up the manufacturing, and production cycle and manage the supply chain with peak efficiency. It digitizes your business and makes it intelligent to help you intelligently and help you transform and outperform the competition.

SAP Business One – The High-tech ERP solution for your Electronic Components business.

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Key Features of SAP Business One for the Electronic Components Industry

Manufacturing & Production

Be it assembly, kitting, or make-to-order, SAP Business One helps you automate controlled manufacturing & production and maximize productivity. Extensive scheduling and planning controls ensure your manufacturing & production are always on time.


SAP Business One helps simplify business operations with accurate data. You get a comprehensive view of the capacity, availability, and, workload of products and materials constantly.

Inventory Management

With SAP B1 you get real-time visibility of your inventory. You can effectively control and manage inventory thereby reducing the demand to cash cycle by cutting back orders or short orders and uniting acquirement against demand.

Warranty & Service

Warranty and good service before and after the sale are essential to maintain perfect consumer trust. SAP B1 helps you provide maintenance, online support, honour warranties, repairs & replacements, etc. and ensure complete consumer satisfaction.

Financial Management

A full range of finance features await you in SAP B1. It gives you a 360-degree view of your financial and accounting data such as journal entries, accounts receivables, payables, etc. plus reduces costs and increases the scope of manufacturing.

Intelligent Analytics

SAP Business One provides a constant stream of real-time business data, numbers, & stats in various formats. It helps you take business critical decisions on time that help you outsmart the competition.

Quality Control

Comprehensive quality controls in SAP Business One ensure your compliance with local & national quality & regulatory standards. They also help you surpass the set industry standards & produce products that are top-notch in quality.

Bills of Materials (BOM)

SAP B1 gives extensive controls over Bills of Materials (BoM). You can precisely plan purchases of raw materials, track items, variants & versions, map requirements, and maintain records to simplify BOM.

SAP Business One for Electronic Components

  • A complete and transparent view of your company to react & adapt to changing market needs.

  • Quality Assurance & Checks ensure all manufactured products are of excellent quality.

  • E-procurement reduces paperwork as well as eliminates manual errors, reducing costs.

  • Helps comply with regulatory laws, quality standards, & other requirements.

  • Optimized Production Planning, manufacturing and supply chain management.

  • Centralizes & automates processes and provides access to real-time analytics for critical decision-making.



SAP Business One + B1Bazaar is a customized solution that works wonders for the retail industry. It offers complete POS solution that provides both, front and back end functionalities.

Additionally it also lets you streamline & centralize business processes, operations, manage inventory, finances, CRM, provides latest critical analytics & data and gives a comprehensive view of your business at one place.

That’s not all, with SAP B1+B1Bazaar you can also manage stores, whether it is a single store or a large chain. Since it is optimized for all kinds of retail businesses, it can easily manage grocery store, fashion boutique, high value electronics, and supermarkets.

Plus, if you’re an e-commerce player that has online stores then it can help you manage it as well. Such functionalities and features make SAP Business One the best for any retail business.

Yes, you can easily connect and collaborate between your head office and store(s). SAP B1 & B1Bazaar’s communication functionalities allow you to keep in touch with your employees and fellow workers.

Through various messaging systems & calls you can easily communicate across the company and keep tabs on the various activities and processes as and when they happen so that you don’t miss a thing. All the aforementioned are easily synchronized between the HO and stores once connected.

SAP Business One can be deployed in three available options:

On-premise – Deployed on your IT hardware and infrastructure.

On cloud – Deployed on a Cloud Hosting Service of your choosing.

Hybrid – A mix of both On-premise and On cloud.

If you find yourself confused between the options then fret not as our SAP experts will help you figure out the best deployment option for your business based on its unique requirements.

Yes, your data comes with you. Our SAP team ensure safe transfer of your data from your legacy system to SAP Business One. They facilitate seamless data migration and keep you updated regarding the progress.

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