Add-ons for
SAP Business One

What are Add-ons?

SAP Business One meets the base requirements of all industries & the companies operating within the said industries. However, the difference in requirements between any two given businesses is stark. And that’s where Add-ons, certified for SAP Business One, come into play. Add-ons are created according to the needs and requirements of a particular industry or business, as and when required. They are a great way of expanding the functionalities of your SAP Business One solution.

Add-ons are usually created by experts such as your SAP partners and providers, working with the SAP B1 ERP software. They’re developed to add industry specific functionalities to the solution in order to fine tune it for that particular industry. The add-ons are then put to test and gauged for their practical application & efficiency in order to give you the best that enhances the your experience of SAP Business One for your business.

Who Develops Add-ons?

Add-ons Offered by Accelon

You’ll be glad to know in order to get such experience enhancing add-ons you don’t have to go far. Accelon has developed add-ons for various industries such as Retail, Fashion, Professional services, Manufacturing etc. for functions such as GST e-invoicing, Retail Store Management, Fashion & Footwear Product Management, HR, Production, Project Management, Quality Checks, Communications and much more.

Chances are, the kind of add-on you want to customize your solution for the industry you’re in, we’ve got it. Below are some of our Add-ons that can help you turbo charge your SAP Business One and give you the competitive edge over your rivals.

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