The Crucial ERP Question – SAP Business One or Local ERP?

An ERP Solution is a no-brainer for every modern business. It streamlines all your integral and peripheral business processes, leaving you to run your business uninterrupted.The bigwigs of the industries already use premium ERP solutions form trusted companies like SAP. But, they’re not the only players in business sphere. The surge of MSMEs in India has been unprecedented which is underlined by the fact that India has the 3rd largest start-up ecosystem in the world today.One thing that’s true for most start-ups is limited financial capacity. It plays a big part when deciding on something as integral as an ERP solution. There are tons of local and custom made ERP solutions out there to choose from today. And then there is SAP Business One, made by SAP, just for the MSMEs.Sure, custom made ERP solution will probably be a bit more affordable in the short term. But what of the things that you might sacrifice in doing so and their impact in the long run? Businesses always need to be clear on the fact that an ERP is a long term investment and cutting corners in choosing one can have lasting ramifications.SAP Business One is renowned worldwide for being the most complete ERP solution for MSMEs as it was designed keeping an international user base & their business hurdles in mind. It covers all the problems a modern business is facing and might face in the future.

But that’s not the only distinction between SAP Business One and a local ERP solution. We have come up with a list of factors that differentiate the two that will let you decide the perfect option for you:

One Solution Functionality

 SAP Business One is well-known for its one solution functionalities that let you take care of all core business functionalities like Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Purchase, Inventory, CRM, Management & much more. Local ERPs try to provide you the same, but for the short term. They’re made keeping local scenarios in mind and any global problem that your business might face at a moment’s notice, won’t get addressed by them or get delayed, rendering the solution redundant.

At the same time, SAP Business One already addresses it readily as it was made keeping local and global business hurdles in mind and even if it’s something entirely out of the blue, you can be sure that a solution is not far behind.

New Technology Incorporation

 Technology today changes in the blink of an eye. Same goes for the adoption and incorporation of a new technology in software. SAP is a reputed player in the ERP space and continues invest & refine their products to adopt these new technologies and give their clients the latest & best in their ERP products.

A local vendor won’t be able to match that and will result in you being stuck with technology that stagnates your growth and hinders it in the long run.

Flexibility & Scalability

One of the best part about SAP Business One is its flexibility. It is highly customizable & is deployable On Premises & Cloud. And you can rest assured if you can’t go for on-premises as the cloud option is equally proficient. SAP has a vast network of partners that’ll offer you the deployment of your choosing. Also, it can easily scale up and down, as per the requirement of your organization.

A custom ERP vendor might not be able to offer those options. You might be forced to go with whatever the vendor is providing. And if you’re running short of space, then it might not be feasible as on-premises deployment will only increase your overall operational costs. And if it’s not scalable, then it will become useless when your business grows.

Extensive Experience & Support

 SAP has been a market leader in ERP solutions with over four decades of experience and expertise in their arsenal. You can bet if anyone can make the perfect ERP for business organizations of all sizes & industries, then it’s SAP. SAP Business One was made for MSMEs and is in use by over 60,000 users around the world. That in itself is a testament as to why SAP Business One should be the go-to ERP for MSMEs. Most local ERP solutions have either just entered the market or have a lack of experience which is evident in the initial & continued product development.

And with the most extensive networks of partners, the support you receive for SAP Business One is exceptional. Local ERP providers on the other hand don’t have that kind of experience or support & pose a product related risk due to resource constraints in development & upgrades or in the event of them going out of business.

 In conclusion I would like to say that the choice is ultimately yours. Whether you would want to go for a tried and tested solution like SAP Business One or would like to take your chances with a custom ERP solution.

The ultimate aim of any business is growth. If the software that you’re using to run your business doesn’t scale with your business or provide the functionality & flexibility you require in your hour of need, then isn’t that investment ultimately a loss?

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