Accelon’s Goa Excursion – A Memorable Journey 

Embarking on the Journey

The Wednesday of 15th May was filled with excitement. Everyone in the office was filled with more enthusiasm than usual. Rightfully so, as it was officially the day, we started for our company outing to Goa. Everyone had been looking forward to it since its announcement.  

Our much-anticipated trip to Goa began with an afternoon departure from Pune aboard the Goa Express. The train journey itself was a delight, filled with laughter, games, and spirited singing while playing Antakshari. As the miles rolled by, we indulged in delicious food and built up our excitement for the adventure ahead. 

Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation 

We arrived in Goa around 8 AM, greeted by the warm Goan sun and the refreshing sea breeze. A comfortable bus ride brought us to our first stop: a delightful breakfast buffet at Evoke Premium Candolim Goa. Here, we were joined by our colleagues from the Delhi team, who had flown directly to Goa. 

After breakfast, we headed to Hotel Kyriad Prestige Calangute Goa, our home for the next three days. The Kyriad welcomed us with its excellent rooms, lush greenery, and inviting swimming pool. We enjoyed a sumptuous buffet lunch, making the most of the spacious and comforting rooms to relax and recharge. 

In the evening, we took a stroll to the nearby beach. The soft sand beneath our feet and the rhythmic sound of the waves made for a perfect end to our first day. 

Goa Sightseeing

Some of the team members rented two-wheelers in Goa and spent the afternoon sightseeing. Their excitement was palpable, and neither the afternoon heat nor the humidity could dampen their spirits. They visited Fort Aguada, a well-preserved seventeenth-century Portuguese fort with an accompanying lighthouse, and marveled at its historical significance and stunning views.

Inspiring Vision and Unity: A Brainstorming Session with Team Accelon

Evening by the swimming pool, we had a team introduction session where each team member introduced themselves, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. CEO Rahul Jain and Director Kapil Kapoor did a fantastic job conveying the vision of Accelon Technologies. They highlighted how our company is poised for success and emphasized the importance of teamwork. Their inspiring words painted a vivid picture of the promising future that lies ahead for Team Accelon. With a clear direction and a strong sense of unity, it was evident that together, we can achieve remarkable milestones and take Accelon to new heights.

Day 2: Fun, Team Building, and Celebrations 

We started our second day early with a hearty breakfast buffet before heading to the beach for a refreshing morning swim with eager team members. The clear waters and gentle waves provided the perfect setting to wake up and start the day. 

Post-swim, we returned to the hotel to freshen up for a day packed with team-building activities. These exercises not only strengthened our teamwork but also ensured everyone had a great time. 

After lunch, we gathered by the swimming pool for a fun-filled photoshoot, including drone shots that captured the scenic beauty of our surroundings. Clad in our company’s specially made matching t-shirts, we then moved to the beach for another photo session, creating memories that would last a lifetime. 

As the sun set, we geared up for the trip’s highlight: an evening party complete with music, dance, delicious food and refreshing drinks. The DJ kept the energy high as we danced the night away, later taking a serene walk along the moonlit beach. 

Day 3: Final Moments and Return 

The final day of our trip began with an early morning swim at the beach, followed by a delicious breakfast. We made the most of our last hours in Goa, enjoying the hotel’s amenities and the company of our colleagues. 

After lunch, it was time to bid farewell to Goa. We headed to Madgaon Station for our 5 PM train back to Pune. A slight delay in our departure added a touch of adventure, but fortunately, our train was also late, allowing us to board without any issues. 

The journey back was a blend of dinner, games, singing, and rest, wrapping up our trip on a high note. 

We arrived in Pune early the next morning, carrying a treasure trove of memories and a stronger bond as a team. This company trip is sure to be fresh in the minds of all our team members for a long time to come.

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