SAP Business One on Cloud – Quick, Simple and Affordable

Arguably, one of the best & most useful technological advancements of our time has been Cloud Computing. A technology that’s being used by masses today worldwide. Cloud has seen tremendous growth in the past two decades. So much so that brand new industries such as PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), SaaS, and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) which are now mainstream. All this growth was possible due to demand.

It’s in Demand in areas such as entertainment, healthcare, finance, government & virtually every sector due to its ever-present nature & reliability. The software industry is different, in fact if any industry has benefited & uses the cloud the most, then it’s the software industry. For starters, providing software over cloud becomes much easier & efficient as compared to the traditional setup & installation on a native machine.

Why? Simply because the data centers from which the companies host their services is either maintained by them or by professional data center service providers. Plus, with cloud you can provide your service to any part of the world. The errors or downtime or downtime is reduced & proper upkeep & maintenance of ensures top notch service. SAP is no different. Being an industry leader in ERP solutions, SAP has over the years worked on its ERPs to run efficiently on cloud as they do when installed locally on-premises.

Naturally, MSMEs benefit from it too and hence SAP Business One has also been a Cloud friendly software for quite sometime now. Given SAP Business One’s terrific value, having it run on the cloud simply works as icing on the cake in terms of its affordability. But affordability isn’t the only criteria that makes running SAP B1 on cloud so lucrative.

Today we’ll explore how hosting SAP Business One on Cloud is a one of the best decisions for your business:

Quick Implementation & Management

The most evident benefit for running SAP Business One on Cloud is how quick the implementation process is. As there are no hardware requirements involved the time taken is significantly less. This leads to minimal disruption in your business since nothing is happening on-premises & your business runs just as usual till the time of final integration. Lastly, the maintenance & updates are quick as well as your SAP partner or cloud service provider will provide it. With the aforementioned taken care of all you are have to do is run your business uninterrupted.


With a proven ERP like SAP Business One, it’s only a matter of time before your business is transformed and grows. And when you grow, scaling up won’t be a choice, but a necessity. So, when it’s finally time to scale-up, SAP B1 running on cloud will be much quicker. All you have to do is inform your cloud service provider of your needs & they’ll take care of it. Also scaling in cloud will be much economical as you don’t have to spend a fortune buying & installing new hardware for the same.


SAP Business One is already an affordable ERP solution but it becomes much more with cloud. The very first cost of acquiring or upgrading hardware is gone as there is no need for it. You also don’t need to hire any special staff required for the upkeep or maintenance of the said hardware. On the payment front as well cloud is subscription based, which is much more affordable than buying the license upfront. This is definitely a boon for Small & Medium enterprises & makes SAP B1 further affordable.

Flexibility & Remote Working

While there are numerous other benefits of SAP Business One on Cloud, the one that stands out given the current scenario is its support of remote working & flexibility. At a time when people are confined to their homes, cloud services are helping business run uninterrupted & stay afloat. Even long before the current situation, cloud has always made remote working effective & possible. It also provides unmatched flexibility by letting you or your employees securely access the solution from anywhere, anytime.

Data Safety

Data is a critical asset in the business & digital world. Safeguarding it is of utmost importance. Data centers that provide cloud services are known for their stringent security. There are safeguards in place to not only protect your data from theft & attacks but form also random hardware failures that can occur due to fault in the hardware. It’s much safer in the cloud as compared to keeping that data on-premise, where you risk losing it if it isn’t appropriately safeguarded.

As mentioned before, the benefits of running SAP Business One on cloud range in many. Most of the world is already using cloud and it won’t be long before everyone is. So being on cloud not only aids you in the present but also secures you for the future.

Hosting your SAP Business One on Cloud will only serve to benefit you in the long run. If you are searching for the best cloud service to host your SAP B1 then look no further. B1 Cloud is a Premium Cloud Hosting for SAP Business One, SQL & HANA at the fraction of the cost. With B1Cloud, you’re in safe hands.

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