Benefits of SAP Business One

irrespective of the size.

Easily customizable. You can mold every aspect according to your specific requirements and scenarios.

Out of the box analytics with SAP Business One, version for HANA

A business solution that has rapid turnaround time, affordable, flexible, & scalable.

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Consider SAP® Business One

It’s time to move beyond point tools and consider a comprehensive and affordable solution: The SAP® Business One. Designed to meet the needs of small, medium & growing organizations, SAP Business One supports all business processes needed to run your operation and helps you capture all essential information. It stores all of your critical business data and provides users with instant access, at any time and place.

Make smarter decisions faster
with real-time insight.

SAP Business One offers integrated business intelligence with analytics powered by the in-memory computing technology of the SAP HANA® platform. The Tools let any employee generate custom reports and dashboards intuitively – with no assistance from IT.

Innovate Your Way

The software supports critical technology innovations that help you run your business in real time to compete more effectively – even with large enterprises.

  • Mobile access

  • Cloud deployment

  • Integrated analytics

  • Cutting-edge in-memory computing

Main features of SAP Business One

Accounting and Financials

Manage your general ledger, journals, budgets and accounts receivable and payable. Payment runs, real time financial numbers, drill down and full multi-currency capabilities

Sales and Customer Management

Manage the entire sales process from first contact to closing the sale from customer data management to after-sales support. Sales pipeline visibility, flexible sales process, complete tracking.

Purchasing and Operations

Control the entire procurement process. Materials resource planning, minimum inventory levels and production planning. Schedule your material and production requirements.

Inventory and Distribution

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and locations, and track and record stock movements. Moving average, FIFO and standard costing methods. Manage serial and batch items. Multiple units of measure.

Production and Service

Manufacturing out of the box. Produce finished goods and generate work orders. Full service call tracking and knowledge base system.

Reporting and Administration

Create, manage, and distribute reports that improve transparency and decision making across the business.

55000+ customers use SAP Business One worldwide

“We were looking for an ERP solution that catered to all our business needs at once. Accelon’s integration of SAP Business One into our business proved to be just right and we haven’t looked back since. They know what they’re doing and are thorough professionals in the field.”

Vicky Nagpal

“The service we received in terms of an ERP solution from our old partner was limited and we needed more. That’s where Accelon came in. Their team saw a seamless transition from our old ERP software into SAP Business One. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for the business.”

Surender Gangwani

“We hired Accelon to deploy SAP Business One for us. They implemented the solution within the timeline they had given us. Initially we just had 2 stores. But after the implementation of SAP Business One, we were able to better control all the aspects of our business and ended up opening six more due to the effectiveness of it. The icing on the cake is their support even after the deployment is done. They remain co-operative and continue to help us if and when we face any issues.”

Hussein Khanafer

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