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Whether it could be a restaurant owner or a retail dealer, everyone is just stuck with various problems. ERP for food and beverage industry can do wonders and help the businesses to meet the challenges in an efficient manner. SAP Business One offered by Accelon Technologies is a perfect food manufacturing ERP that fulfils the needs of enterprise operations.

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Strengthen the food business with
SAP ERP software and proven just like your recipes

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SAP offers a user-friendly solution for food production through SAP Business One. It also offers the best solution to allocate every available resource to help better planning and optimize the capabilities of the work-load.

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The food industry needs raw materials on a daily basis. Integrating Accelon’s customized SAP Business One in your F&B business will take care of the purchase of every varied recipe ingredients you need.

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We offer you an ability to track co-products, byproducts, wastage, yield, expiry dates, FEFO and FIFO of the inventory.

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Identify the needs of your customers with SAP’s robust integrated solution and create a plan to provide discounts to increase customer base and sales. Manage daily micro-finances with Accelon.

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One of the important aspects in the food processing industry is delivering quality products. SAP Business One tracks every moment since the conversion of raw materials to final food products.

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With Accelon’s SAP Business One integration in your F&B Business, you get accurate data to make more informed and faster decisions.

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Show details to registered customers, take orders, etc

Product details and orders are synced with SAP Business One.

Publish your app on Google Play Store / Apple iTunes.

Designed and developed using latest technologies with various features for usability.

Intuitive and easy to use, users can easily adapt without much training.

Hosted on our secure servers to ensure uninterrupted availability.

We can even customize the app to suit your specific requirements.

Salient Features

SAP Business One

Accelon provides you with a soulful software system which covers all the business entities in a single software.

Covers All Scenarios

SAP Business One with FashionNx covers various scenarios in Apparel & Footwear industry, including Make To Stock and Make To Order.

Advance Manufacturing

FashionNx has advance and detailed manufacturing module for Apparel & Footwear Industry. FashionNx lets you define operations and routings and gives you control through each step of manufacturing.

Variants & Matrix

Most critical aspect in Apparel & Footwear manufactuing is handling of colour and size variants. FashionNx uses MATRIX representation in Sales, Inventory and Production to represent all variants in same screen.

Warehousing & Barcoding

With FashionNx you can use barcoding for tracking raw material, finished goods as well as various documents in process. It also allows you to use BIN MANAGEMENT for tracking inventory in warehouse.

Available On Cloud & On Premises

SAP Business One with FashionNx is available on both On-Premises and On-Cloud, you can choose the deployment method which suits you best, depending on your business requirements.

Why Accelon Can be Your Perfect Partner

With an extensive need of the brand that will help you solve the math of day-to-day management to finance-related queries, Accelon becomes a perfect option for your business. We not only provide ERP software but a holistic solution with it.
Here’s what you get with Accelon that will help you grow your business.

Get the Best to Grow Business Revenue

SAP Business One implementation from Accelon enhances your business from the root itself. Streamline your management, automize your production, maintain stock, and do more with Accelon.
Call us to discuss how we can customize your ERP requirements today!

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