SAP Business One comes with various options for reporting. Apart from in-built report, customers can use Crystal Reports to create transactions and analytical reports or document layouts. Lumira can be used to create dashboards from data coming from SAP Business One. Crystal Dashboard Design can be used to develop dashboards which are integrated within SAP Business One.

Our dedicated reports development team has experience with all of these tools and has a deep understanding of SAP Business One schema, which is essential in order to be able to develop reports quickly and effectively.

Over the years, we have developed reports of all type for all functional areas. We have a repository of more than 200 reports which can be utilized for delivering new reports and modify them to suit requirements. Or we can quickly build new reports from scratch.

With SAP Business One and our reports, we are sure you will be able to generate timely and accurate reports, which will help you make better and informed business decisions.

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