SAP Business One for Pharmaceuticals Industry

Maintain the Good Vitals of your Pharmaceuticals Business with SAP Business One.

To tackle the challenges of the pharmaceuticals industry you need tools that are specific to it. Tools that can not only help in achieving the aforementioned but also help drive innovation. With SAP Business One, you get exactly that. An ERP for the pharma industry, SAP Business One helps you face all the challenges your pharmaceutical business faces and helps in new developments and innovations to help it grow.

SAP’s ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry can help you achieve new heights of success. The good health of your Pharmaceutical Business is vital. Ensure it with SAP Business One.


Key Features of SAP Business One for Pharmaceuticals Businesses

Recipe & Formula Management

SAP Business One allows you to manage complex recipes, formulas and multi-level bills of materials (BOM).

Quality Assurance & Management

The centralized system in SAP Business One reports quality over time. Every department in the business can review the status to produce high-quality drugs.

Rules & Regulations Compliance

Stay free of regulatory worries. SAP Business One helps your pharmaceuticals business comply with the latest rules & regulations with features such as audit tracking, transaction archives, & more.

Inventory Management

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are mainly troubled with their inventory’s expiry dates. SAP B1 helps maintain timestamps and alerts & informs you when the product is about to expire.

Analytics & Forecasting

Formulae and batch processing data are automatically stored in the cloud server so that concerned authorities can access it whenever needed aiding in analytics & forecasting needs.

Production & MRP

SAP Business One helps bring efficiency in production through features such as Product Costing and calculation, Materials Requirement Planning, Bill of Materials, Goods Issues, and Goods Receipt etc.


SAP Business One streamlines operations and enhances your operational excellence. Not only for the back office, & R&D but also ensures smooth pick & pack and shipping manoeuvres.

Traceability & Batch Control

SAP Business One helps easily manage batch manufacturing & control. It also allows for greater batch-level traceability by allowing you to define numbers for raw materials and finished goods.

SAP Business One for the Pharmaceuticals Industry

  • Material Traceability using batch management and Batch wise yield management.

  • Helps comply with regulatory requirements & has comprehensive management controls with auto alerts & approval functionalities.

  • Improved efficiency in distributions thanks to the integration of manufacturing & warehousing facilities from different locations in one place.

  • Automated Alerts for lot expiry and helps manage inventory efficiently and at optimum levels.

  • Allows you to automate & streamline operations and production to bring overall efficiency to business processes.

  • Improves Quality Stability and management through QC-based approval and rejection features.

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SAP Business One is the most comprehensive and an all-around SAP ERP solution for Micro, Small, & Medium businesses. It offers unmatched end-to-end functionalities, unifies & streamlines business processes such as CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management, Finance, & Manufacturing, and transforms your business into an Agile & Smart entity.



SAP Business One + B1Bazaar is a customized solution that works wonders for the retail industry. It offers complete POS solution that provides both, front and back end functionalities.

Additionally it also lets you streamline & centralize business processes, operations, manage inventory, finances, CRM, provides latest critical analytics & data and gives a comprehensive view of your business at one place.

That’s not all, with SAP B1+B1Bazaar you can also manage stores, whether it is a single store or a large chain. Since it is optimized for all kinds of retail businesses, it can easily manage grocery store, fashion boutique, high value electronics, and supermarkets.

Plus, if you’re an e-commerce player that has online stores then it can help you manage it as well. Such functionalities and features make SAP Business One the best for any retail business.

Yes, you can easily connect and collaborate between your head office and store(s). SAP B1 & B1Bazaar’s communication functionalities allow you to keep in touch with your employees and fellow workers.

Through various messaging systems & calls you can easily communicate across the company and keep tabs on the various activities and processes as and when they happen so that you don’t miss a thing. All the aforementioned are easily synchronized between the HO and stores once connected.

SAP Business One can be deployed in three available options:

On-premise – Deployed on your IT hardware and infrastructure.

On cloud – Deployed on a Cloud Hosting Service of your choosing.

Hybrid – A mix of both On-premise and On cloud.

If you find yourself confused between the options then fret not as our SAP experts will help you figure out the best deployment option for your business based on its unique requirements.

Yes, your data comes with you. Our SAP team ensure safe transfer of your data from your legacy system to SAP Business One. They facilitate seamless data migration and keep you updated regarding the progress.

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