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Are you running a Small or Medium Enterprise?

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Then look no further. SAP Business one is the perfect ERP solution for you.

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One of the prime benefits of SAP Business One is its high customizability and implementation. It can be easily tweaked to the particular requirements of each individual business and industry, making it the ideal ERP solution. When it comes to implementation, it is equally simple and delivers fast results with our proven implementation methodology.
SAP Business One can be deployed both – On Premises & Cloud. This makes it very lucrative for the SMEs who cannot go for an on-premises approach. The best part about flexible deployment is that the software can be accessed using the device of your choosing. Being able to run & manage your business from anywhere & anytime gives you unmatched efficiency & flexibility.
For growing SMEs businesses intelligence & analytics are of utmost importance. That’s one area where SAP Business One with HANA shines at. Integrating business intelligence with real time analytics and insights, it offers a complete solution to any business intelligence problems that a SME may face. This in helps in informed business decisions which further drives growth.
Mobility is another major advantage of SAP Business One. With dedicated mobile apps, you get instant access to critical business functions and are able to run your business uninterrupted. SAP Business One also has mobile apps designed specifically for Sales & Services. This results in your sales team having access on the go and your service team working smarter and faster in resolving issues and closing tickets.
SAP Business One is a truly complete ERP solution for every industry out there. It covers all the essential business functions such as Manufacturing, Inventory, Finance, Sales, Purchase, Services, CRM & much more. By taking care of all your primary and secondary business functions, it makes sure your business runs smooth, at all times. Taking care of all the possible hurdles SAP Business One establishes itself as One Solution that can do it all.
SAP Business One was made especially for the SMEs keeping their needs and budget in mind. Hence, it is no surprise that it is priced afford-ably and even has a modular structure wherein you can buy license according to the number of users, thereby reducing its cost. Also the ROI of SAP Business One far outweighs the cost as it streamlines all your business functions, eliminating the need for multiple software’s and helps it thrive.

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Accelon Technologies is a Certified SAP Business One Gold Partner & One of the best ERP software provider in India

Accelon Technologies SAP Gold Partner

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Accelon caters to all kind of manufacturing and distribution industries including discreet & process manufacturing, tools & machines, etc. SAP Business One can help you expertly manage inventory & track and record stock movements.

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Apparel & Footwear

One of our own flagship software – FashionNX when combined with SAP Business One, is a complete solution for Garments and Footwear manufacturing, including but not limited to, Product Lifecycle Management, Production & Sales Planning etc.

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Accelon has created B1Bazaar, keeping in mind the requirements of the retail industry in particular. Along with SAP Business One, B1Bazaar help you in easily managing customer relations, loyalty programs, promotions & schemes, & other aspects of the retail business.

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Professional Services

Professional Services dealing in knowledge based or customized services such as IT, ITeS, BPO, Consulting, Staffing etc. often face difficulty in managing their services. SAP Business One with allows you to streamline your business operations, helping you deliver consistent and high-value services.

A business solution that has rapid turnaround time, affordable, flexible & scalable.

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Start fast and see results within weeks with our proven implementation methodology.

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Deploy SAP Business One on premises or on the cloud and access it from your favorite mobile device.

Extended functionality of SAP B1

Access extended functionality of SAP Business One by using our industry specific add-ons or building customizations using SAP Business One SDK.

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Take SAP Business One to your customers, suppliers, sales and service executives by using our mobile & web-based portals, integrated with SAP Business One.

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SAP Business One is the most comprehensive ERP solution for every SME across the industries. It offers unmatched end-to-end functionality for CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management, Finance, & Manufacturing and transforms your business into an Agile & Smart entity, giving you the competitive edge.

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