Why you should choose SAP Business One

We can all unanimously agree that an ERP solution is a long-term investment. You just don’t go in and buy an ERP solution as and when you see fit. It has to be carefully researched & tested before deciding on one that meets all the criteria’s & is perfect for your business. There used to be a time when ERP was viewed as something only the bigwigs of industries could afford & use. However, over the past couple of decades, things have changed.

The ERP solution market for Micro, Small, & Medium sized enterprises has seen tremendous growth. This is all thanks to solutions that have come up for the MSMEs from old players as well as the new ones, both locally & Internationally. MSMEs are equally demanding for a valuable software asset that helps them centralize their business operations to achieve growth & assure their long-term success.

MSMEs have various choices available to them in terms of choosing an ERP that suits them. At the very least, all the ERP solutions available today are created to be flexible so that they can be scaled as and when the enterprise grows. But just being flexible & adaptable isn’t enough for an ERP solution to be considered excellent. There are various other factors that come into play when a MSME looks for one. Apart from the software & function side of things one of the most important ones is the affordability.

As I said, there are tons of options available today for small & medium businesses to choose from, but not all of them are affordable. And that can shake up the limited budgets of those enterprises, making it unaffordable for them. Secondly, not all of them will be customizable. Every ERP is customizable to a certain degree, but none other match SAP Business One – the constantly trusted & top ERP solution for MSMEs.

It continues to be a reliable & consistent performer as an ERP solution for MSMEs day in and day out. Across the globe, businesses trust SAP Business One to streamline their business functions to make them smarter & agile to tread today’s business environment with ease. I’m sure by now you must’ve heard variety of reasons as to why you should choose it over other ERP solutions available in the market.

But today, I’m going to give you practical reasons as to why SAP Business One makes sense over other solutions available in the market:

Budget Friendly & Affordable

Realistically speaking, budgets & finances are one of the most important factors for MSMEs during decision making. The good thing about SAP Business One is that not only does it provide terrific return on investment, but the initial costs of SAP Business One is quite affordable along with varied payment options depending upon your SAP partner. Also, it’s deployable on cloud, which is just as good as being on-premises, thereby saving costs of spending on additional hardware & infrastructure which can increase the strain on your finances.

Business Intelligence

SAP Business One is known for its superb business intelligence. All your data is centralized and accessible to the various departments of your organization, boosting communication & exchange of information between them. The real-time date & accurate analytics lead to efficient, faster, & smarter operations. You access Real-time data, which is instrumental in making crucial business decisions. Any changes or updates are visible across departments at the time they happen. This further enhances business intelligence & helps avoid errors & miscommunication.

Steady Ecosystem & Continuity

Through decades of progress, SAP has established a stable ecosystem that comprises of SAP themselves, vendors, & partners. All of them work in tandem to provide a software experience that is full of productivity, harmony & continuity. SAP Business One benefits from the same. Your chosen vendors & partners help you right from implementation to the end and beyond. And with 700 plus partners worldwide, if you ever need to change your current partner, you do so without any hiccups. The same partners or software solutions partners also design & offer solutions that build upon and improve your SAP Business One according to your specific needs in the form of add-ons. Also, the constant timely upgrades & proven reliability ensures continuity that other ERP solutions simply fail to match.

Integration & Adaptability

Integration is a breeze with SAP Business One. It is customizable to the last detail and meets each and every requirement you might have from an ERP solution. It effectively merges & centralizes all the essential & peripheral business processes and streamlines them for better efficiency. This leads to accurate analysis & real-time data that aids you in making crunch decisions, but much faster. Adaptability is another area where SAP Business One excels. It adapts to your organization & its processes, optimizing them on the go & giving you the freedom to grow without any hurdles thanks to its flexibility & scalability. This not only helps you in the short term, but also makes sure you’re ready for the future.

Above are just a few of the many reasons why SAP Business One should be the ERP solution that you choose over others available in the market. There is no solution out there today that can match it whether it is in the department of functionalities or the support & ecosystem that has been built around it. With SAP Business One you can be sure that you’re always covered & ready to take on any challenge heading your way.

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