Why SAP Business One is important for Wholesale & Distribution Industry?

The end-user in your trading & distribution industry is demanding something very different than usual and the needs of these end users are getting hard to fulfill.

The need of strong distribution ERP software has always been on the corner of this industry and thus SAP has come up with the suitable, flexible and strong trading & distribution ERP software for you, the SAP Business One partner!

But why the need for an ERP system developed for this industry? What are some challenges this industry is facing today?

We have found these top 3 challenges the industry is facing right now.

  • Reducing margins
  • Demanding customers
  • Increasing costs

SAP Business One acts as an ultimate solution for the industry and our customers are more than happy with the solution, they are getting with the SAP Business One for their wholesale distribution businesses.

When we started providing SAP Business One implementation services for our clients, we ran a prolonged study on the issues faced by these businesses to design the solutions and customize the SAP Business One suit for them. We found the following issues faced by them:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and consolidating the industry and the globalization it is going through.
  • Customers are asking for more value-added services, interactive services, and deep visibility into the distribution chain.
  • Vendor costs are increasing and there is an increasing need for information gathering at fingertips to recover them.

To recover & reduce the losses, distributors like you are relying on the ERP by SAP for trading and distribution industry. Here are some of the advantages of SAP Business One for the trading and distribution industries:

  • Reduce costs, get efficient performances, and drive better productivity for both employees and assets in the organization.
  • Decide better by taking help of real-time information, important insights, and enterprise-level visibility.
  • Prevents you from working in silos and expands your management and operations beyond the traditional ‘inside the 4 walls’ culture with internal as well as external partners and help you drive better business for all.
  • Ensures profitable growth and increases stakeholder values.

This distribution ERP software helps you in streamlining your whole order-to-cash operations by enabling wholesalers and distributors and offers the suppliers and customers with value-added services they always keep asking about.

Accelon’s SAP Business One is a comprehensive tool with integrated solutions which is suitable for companies with any size and functionality they are looking to improve and make their business model more profitable.

Moreover, the features of this system are available in multiple languages and also support multiple currencies so that you don’t resist yourself from dealing with the clients overseas.

SAP for trading and distribution industry supports a complete range of business processes right from purchases, inventory management to supplier management etc.

SAP Business One is a sophisticated tool that gets integrated easily in your business to manage the following departments:

  1. Logistics
  2. Purchases & Sales
  3. Finance
  4. Customer service

Get the superior hold on your business and improve your functionality with SAP Business One, the only trading ERP software you would ever need.

Know the core benefits of SAP Business One here:

  • Supply & distribution chain automation
  • Inventory optimization
  • Improved delivery & payment experience
  • Automation in operations to handle order-to-cash easily
  • Real-time updates on transactions
  • Streamlined import & export operations
  • Get up to date offer details like special prices and customer history with promotions valid for the time they purchased.
  • Value-added services with cost-effective measures
  • Self-service ability to your customers and suppliers
  • Customer tracking and handling their purchasing behaviour
  • Progressive warehouse management
  • Easily integrating the eCommerce portals
  • Efficiently planning the inventory and keep a check on the stocks.

Accelon Technologies offers you a customized solution with various add-ons to add an advantage to your SAP Business One experience.Contact us today and get a quote for your business.

Want more helpful information about processes in SAP Business One? Or would you like a more in-depth understanding of SAP Business One? Then get in touch with Accelon - a Certified SAP Business One Gold Partner & the most reliable ERP software provider in India.

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