Why Pharma Businesses Need SAP Business One?

Today, efficient business processes, quick decision abilities, centralized controls, and clean analytics are important factors for any business to grow effectively in the market full of cutthroat competition.

Many businesses are now adopting smart ERPs and pharmaceutical business is not an exception.

Though it has some unique requirements, the ERP for pharma industry is so flexible that it easily gets integrated into the business process and handles the cumbersome challenges the owners are experiencing.

Since the last few years, the industry has experienced huge transformations due to the introduction of strict production parameters. The companies are now dealing with more informed consumer minds and it has become inevitable for them to maintain the highest quality standards in all processes and products.

Throughout the last decade, prime pharma businesses across the industry are choosing SAP Business One as their primary ERP software. We will discuss it later.

Here, we discuss a few things why Pharma Businesses need an ERP software:

Managing regulatory requirements

Considering the global markets, ERP software helps businesses grow and achieve a competitive edge by managing all the compliance with regulatory needs. For instance, FDA 21 CFR, validation protocols, ensures quality and norms. As we know, SAP Business One is designed according to the requirements of the Pharma sector; it gets integrated into the productive business model and helps the business meet the government regulations and industry norms.


The pharma business needs to curate the requirements for production, prepare triggers for acquisition, set targets and control on the material used etc. The ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry comes handy in these situations. The system can send reports fashionably to the decision-makers. SAP Business One comes with modules especially focusing on the inventory management and controls the levels.

Marketing and sales

To align the marketing and sales processes, the pharmaceutical business needs a system that can handle the contracts and sales orders for them. With SAP for pharma, businesses get an ability to automate marketing activities and running promotional campaigns for getting a better ROI.

Distribution Management

Batch and lot tracking is another task for the pharma industry. The ERP system brings ease in every stage of the production cycle right from order acquisition to in-progress quality check. SAP ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry helps the business to track the batches.

Formulation management

One of the important processes in any manufacturing business and the ‘most’ important in the pharma business. Due to the cutthroat competition, pharmaceutical businesses tend to save costs. Formulating ingredients in an effective manner is indeed necessary to control the price. SAP Business One for the pharma industry will solve the math here.


When it comes to legal vigilance, documentation is indeed an important thing for the pharma industry. SAP Business One helps the business maintain all the compliance intact. Audit checks and analysis demands for historical data and SAP Business One helps get it back in time.

To run a butter-smooth pharma business, SAP Business One has naturally become a choice for pharma businesses. It works as an appendage to pharma businesses like manufacturers to distributors. With Accelon Technologies, you get a customized solution for your pharmaceutical business which helps you achieve all your business ambitions. Team Accelon provides a tailored experience to its customers.

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