The indisputable ERP choice for growing businesses – SAP Business One

Growing a business is tough, especially when you’re a MSME as most of the resources are utilized during this phase.  It is a known fact that resources are finite for growing businesses.

One of the most integral components for a growing business to streamline itself is an ERP. Growing businesses don’t have the financial capabilities that established companies possess. Hence, they get apprehensive thinking about the cost when they hear about SAP.

That’s because of the trust and reputation SAP has built around itself with its world class ERP solutions. It has led many to wrongly assume that it’s expensive. On the contrary, SAP has an ERP solution that’s ideal for growing businesses and doesn’t cost a fortune – SAP Business One. Released over a decade ago in 2002, it was designed keeping MSMEs in mind.

Since then, it has successfully helped micro, small & medium sized businesses manage their resources better and grow. This has resulted in SAP Business One becoming immensely popular amongst MSMEs as it efficiently streamlines their processes & operations.

It gives them real-time access to all the critical and peripheral information, in-depth & at a glance, which facilitates in intelligent & swift decision making. While there are many ERP options available today, both local and international, there’s are several reasons why growing businesses still like to stick to SAP Business One.

And we are going to tell you all about it right here:

1. Trust & Reliability

The very basis of any venture, whether in life or business is Trust. The minute you hear the name SAP, you know it’s a brand that you can trust. The numbers back it up – the over 60,000 customer base of SAP Business One is in itself a testament to its trustworthiness & reliability. It has got a network of partners around the world that will help you right from the planning stage of buying the solution, to implementation, and beyond.

2. Complete Solution

I’m sure you must’ve heard a lot of times about how SAP Business One is a complete solution. And it most definitely is as it manages Finances, Sales, Human Resources, provides accurate business intelligence, etc. just to name a few. But what truly makes it a complete solution is the fact that at times when you might require a little extra for your particular business, you are bound to find it in the form of Add-ons.

Most SAP Business One partners continuously develop add-ons for specific requirements of businesses in order to aid them. This means that anything you need from SAP Business One, you’re always bound to find it. This makes it a complete & well-rounded solution.

3. User Interface & Experience

User interface is of utmost importance in a software. It is a crucial factor in defining the experience of a customer with the software and overall satisfaction. That’s another thing that SAP Business One excels at. It is known for its simple yet exceptional UI and functions. It doesn’t matter if you have dabbled in technology before or not, you will be able to use it with proper training from your trusted SAP Business One partner.

Their experts will make sure to train every user that will use the software, whether it’s the top management or employees. This leads to a delightful user experience for the users of SAP Business One.

4. Support

With a brand name like SAP, it’s only natural that the support is swift and robust. SAP has a worldwide network of partners that not only sell and implement SAP Business One, but also provide remarkable support whenever you’re stuck or are having a problem with the solution, which is rare. Your selected partner is always your first point of contact for support and they do a terrific job of giving you all the help you need and solve your problems without breaking a sweat.

In conclusion, apart from the aforementioned, SAP Business One’s affordability is what makes it the number one choice for growing businesses. The great price to performance ratio is just too alluring to ignore. The terrific functionality makes it a no-brainer for growing companies.

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