SAP Business One – The must-have ERP Solution for SMEs

Businesses today operate in an ever-changing environment. You risk falling behind the competition if you’re not up to the task. And one of the most integral part of keeping up with today’s time is – Software.

All the businesses across industries today use software to manage their essential and peripheral functions. The particular solution that manages all the aforementioned with ease is known as ERP a.k.a. Enterprise Resource Planning. Big businesses and industry leaders such as Hershey, Shell etc. already use Agile, Robust and Quality ERP solutions such as SAP’s ERP solutions and already reap the benefits of the same.

But what about the Small & Medium Enterprises? SMEs are an integral part of the same business landscape and require ERP solutions that can work for their businesses and take their business to the next level. SMEs are often bound by resource constraints and this can make choosing a quality ERP solution that is best for them difficult. Fortunately, SAP Business One – an ERP solution that is designed specifically for the SMEs, is an exception to that.

If you haven’t heard of it, then you may be wondering – What is SAP Business One? The best way to summarize it would be to point out the fact that SAP Business One supports all core and essential business processes such as Services, Manufacturing, Sales, Finance, and Purchasing & Inventory – effectively centralizing them. It can also automate, manage and store all vital business data and provide the users with instant access, irrespective of the time, place, & device.

The main question remains though – Why SAP Business One? What makes it the best ERP solution for MSMEs?
Here are Five compelling reasons why –

Seamless Integration

No matter what business you run, an ERP solution’s worth is determined by its integration into your business. SAP Business One aces this as it is easy to integrate and seamlessly handles all your integral enterprise functions & processes. You have access to all the important real time data and analytics on the go, giving you the power to make informed decisions without breaking a sweat.


SAP Business One is adaptable to your particular business from the moment you integrate and start using it. It adapts to your already existing business practices and manages them expertly, ensuring smooth functioning and growth of your business. The best part – it scales and grows along with your enterprise. If a long term ERP solutionis your need of the hour, then there is none better than SAP Business One.


Affordability of the ERP solution is something that’s crucial to Small and Medium businesses. Wanting to implement an affordable yet impeccable ERP solution can give any organization a cause for concern. However, SAP Business One quashes those concerns with its affordability as it was designed keeping the SMEs and their resources in mind. The multiple integral modules that SAP Business One provides for the price makes it worth your while and one of the best and most affordable ERPs in the market for SMEs.


One of the best features of SAP Business One is its use of Add-Ons, which can be integrated into it to add more functionality, as and when required. These add-ons are usually made by your preferred partner in order to further fine tune the functionalities to meet your particular business requirements. This in turn boosts the output of your business and leads to growth and expansion in the long run. At Accelon, we create the said add-ons according to necessity and also at the behest of our clients, to make their ERP experience a unique one.

Trustworthy Partner

SAP has been in this business for over four decades. And with a partner like Accelon, who have been in this business for the past 15 years, you will always find all the necessary support you need, at the tip of your fingers. We make sure that all your problems – whether software or maintenance related, are taken care of. SAP Business One along with a trustworthy partner is a surefire way to achieve success.

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