SAP Business One Implementation – Go-Live and Support

Go-Live and Support is the final phase in the SAP Business One Implementation

Go-Live and Support is the final phase in the SAP Business One Implementation project. The end game of any SAP Business One Implementation project – Successful Implementation.

The end goal of the SAP Business One Implementation. This is the stage where you and your implementation partner work in tandem to ensure that the system is ready to be used without any hurdles.

As the name suggests, the newly built system is now running in production. The “go-live” phase refers to the point in time when the SAP Business One system is officially implemented and put into operation.

During this phase, the system becomes accessible to end-users, and the organization starts using it to manage its business processes.

The implementation is monitored and any critical problems are resolved, before handing over the system to the customer team, to the partner support organization, and to SAP support.

Key activities in the Go-Live and Support phase include –

  • Monitoring of new system in production.
  • Resolution of any outstanding issues.
  • Handover to customer, partner support organization, and SAP support.
  • Project review.

Let’s take a brief look at the key the milestones in Go-Live and Support stage:

  • Once the new system has been running with no critical issues for a designated period, the system is ideally handed over the system to the support group, and to SAP support. It is a good idea to provide the support staff with the documented Business Blueprint. At the same time, it is ensured that the customer is managing the day-to-day administrative tasks.
  • The second milestone marks the closure of the project. In this sign-off, the customer acknowledges and accepts the system in production.
  • The final milestone is met when a “Review and Optimization” conference takes place, to review how well the project went. This meeting also provides an opportunity to plan for a further phase or additional enhancements.

Remember that the go-live and support phase is a critical time, and having a well-defined plan, experienced personnel, and proper communication channels in place is essential for a successful implementation.

Continuous collaboration between business stakeholders and the support team is vital to ensure that SAP Business One meets the organization’s evolving needs over time.

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