Roadmap to Growth in Automotive Business with SAP Business One

To bring innovation and move forward on top gear, the automotive business has always been an industry that needs technology, engineering and management related tools and systems.

To streamline the mainstream functions and bring efficiency in the production, assembly and sales, the automotive industry needs an ERP that can handle all the internal tasks in a fine manner.

Yes, you need a system that can provide an awesome buying experience and ownership journey to your customers. With SAP Business One as your primary ERP system for the business functions, you get a chance to score more profits and achieve your targets.

SAP for the automotive business is popular for giving the 360-degree view of this business and improve business processes.

SAP Business One is offered in many versions such as plain system, SAP Business One Cloud, and a very few SAP Business One Partners offer add-ons which customize your SAP B1 ERP for your business.

Accelon offers you with a library of add-ons to couple with SAP Business One for your automotive business. Whether you are a startup or small scale business or giant ancillary business, we offer you add-ons and customizations according to your needs.

Well-equipped dealer management suite brings your clients with expectations allowing you to achieve quality and performance. You can bring transparency in processes, handle supply chain systems, optimize your resources for flexible and ensure business growth for a longer run.

SAP B1’s automobile service portfolio has stock applications with streamlined operations and the ability to handle various operations like manufacturing, engineering, sales-supply, finance and service etc.

But is it so easy to integrate SAP Business in your automotive business?

Yes, you will never find such a solution that gets injected in your business so easily and works magic. No, we are not exaggerating, have a look at the points below to discover how SAP Business One integration works.

Deployment and access to real-time data

With SAP Business One, you can bring your business functions to ease very quickly. With our proven integration methods, we allow you to just give us a few days to deploy SAP B1 on your premises or your mobile devices as well as on Cloud.

Critical business functions

As mentioned before, SAP Business One has an ability to manage all your mainline functions like inventory, operations, purchasing, sales, operations, finance and HR functions. And surprisingly, you don’t need to invest more for every function, we customize your solution in a single yet flexible system.

Reduce Duplications

SAP Business One offers real-time data capturing and decreases the data redundancy which helps you avoid mistakes and errors.

Easy alert AL

Get custom alerts for any important business events occur. SAP Business One is available at your fingertips right on your mobile devices, laptops and desktop systems.

Why Accelon can be your perfect partner to shift your business on the top gear?

Accelon Technologies is an SAP Business One Partner which has equipped us with advanced updates, upgrades and unique value points from SAP.

Stay on the top of your competition and keep your business on the right edge with our continuous support and service.

Get your customized SAP Business One ERP for automotive business today!

Want more helpful information about processes in SAP Business One? Or would you like a more in-depth understanding of SAP Business One? Then get in touch with Accelon - a Certified SAP Business One Gold Partner & the most reliable ERP software provider in India.

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