Manage Inventory Easily with SAP Business One

Precise and smooth inventory management for a business is important in order to deliver in promised timelines. Not only the management, but you also need to handle your customers and help them with their issues at the right time. With the right tool, you can bring the ability to handle all these tasks in your together with controlling your inventory costs.

Inventory management system in SAP Business One is an ideal business management and ERP for your business if you are looking for a tool that does more than just serving the purpose.

The SAP Business One maintains your warehouse data, tracks & records your stock and manages your material planning.

As the stock moves, SAP Business One adjusts stock levels, records debit and credit for the accounts and calculates inventory variances. One of the functionalities also allows you inventory transfers with which, you can move items from one warehouse to another easily.

Well, you would ask what SAP Business One will do for me and how it will be beneficial for my business. We tried to analyze some of the features of the SAP Business One for inventory management and had a discussion with SAP experts at Accelon Technologies, a SAP Business One service provider. According to them, here are some of the best features of SAP Business One inventory management system.

  1. Item management

You can manage items by categories or individually depending on your batch size and requirements. You can segregate your stock according to SKUs, Item Codes, Supplier Catalogues and Foreign descriptions.

  1. Cost models

With inventory management system in SAP Business One, you can manage stocks using different cost models in your organizations. Be it the average cost or FIFO model, SAP Business One can be adopted for any units of measure or unit conversions.

  1. Receipting and issue controlling

With SAP Business One, you can record all your receipts of goods received and issues. Stock transfers are tracked easily, consignments are tracked, drop-shipping progress is recorded seamlessly.

SAP B1 provides you with automatic warranty records creation if needed be.

  1. Pickup & Packing Process

SAP Business One has a capability of the pick and pack manager which allows you to handle the picking and packing process in 3 queues. As sales orders are received, they go into an ‘open’ queue. The queue named ‘released’ will define all the orders released for picking purposes. The ‘picked’ queue will display all the items picked for the delivery to the clients.

The SAP Business One systems can be customized according to the requirements and sizes of the businesses for which, you need an implementation company that will customize the system just for you.

With SAP Business One, you get a systematic approach to handle your inventory. Here are the benefits of this system for your business.

  • Full control over your inventory by automated processes and using integrated production and material requirements planning (MRP).
  • Improve your client service and deliver the products on time. Recover shortages and eliminate ‘out of stock’ nightmares for your customers.
  • With enhanced inventory control and materials planning, reduce inventory costs easily.
  • Get insights to your business with robust powerful warehouse and inventory reporting tools.

To get all these benefits for your business, get help from a certified SAP Business One partner. Accelon Technologies is one of the best SAP Business One service providers and offers you the ease of adopting SAP B1 in both offline and cloud platforms for your business which not only handles your inventory management but other modules as well.

Want more helpful information about processes in SAP Business One? Or would you like a more in-depth understanding of SAP Business One? Then get in touch with Accelon - a Certified SAP Business One Gold Partner & the most reliable ERP software provider in India.

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