Increase Sales with SAP Business One

Sales is the end game of any business. After all, if there are no sales, then there’s no profit. Businesses need profits in order to sustain, survive & also to expand and diversify. Hence, it is one thing that, at no point in time, can be taken lightly. With the advancements in technology, the process of managing & increasing sales has become easier & tougher in equal measure.

Mountain of paperwork has been replaced by increasingly compact & convenient hardware & software. And yet, the way you manage the customers of the past, present & future has branched out. Today you manage a comprehensive database of your existing & potential consumers. Reach out to them through various marketing campaigns with all the available mediums, meet their expectations & build lasting relationships with them. Managing & reaching out to customers is of utmost importance. Cause if you can’t, your competitor surely will, leaving you in the dust.

For the same reason of handling these sales processes, the software category known as CRM or Customer Relationship Management exists. Specialised software’s designed to let you manage, improve & build upon your relationship with your existing & potential consumers. And there’s one software that’s not only a terrific ERP solution but also has a comprehensive CRM setup that makes the life of your sales department much easier – SAP Business One.

SAP Business One has retained its spot as the best and most trusted ERP & CRM solution. Given its prowess in automating business functions & streamlining them, it is no surprise. But what about sales? What about the CRM bit that I’m talking about? That’s where SAP Business One shines. It’s ability to acquire critical information & analytics in real-time makes it an asset to any organization that uses it. The mix of the two helps you build & maintain a long & satisfying relationship with your end consumer. And we know how important customer satisfaction is in the rise of a business.

If you want to get more specific then look no further as that’s where we’re headed. SAP Business One helps you in sales by letting you Manage Customers, Marketing Campaigns, Link Inventory & Sales, After Sales Service etc.

Let’s have an in-depth look at the ones mentioned above:

Customer Management

Customer is the primary target & becomes the center in SAP Business One. Their needs, preferences, & purchasing pattern is carefully analysed & served to you as tangible data your sales team can work upon. All this valuable data is stored within the software makes managing customers easier and gives your sales department that extra time to come up with something truly unique and useful for your customers that they can’t refuse.

Linking Inventory & Sales

It is a fact that the better you manage & are up-to-date with your inventory, the smoother the sales process gets. SAP Business One, known for its automation and streamlining, takes this a step further by linking sales to inventory. This gives you a continuous real-time access to the inventory to check availability of stock and make sure that the needs of customers are always fulfilled. Ultimately ensuring smooth processing of orders & helps the business close sales faster.

Running Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are integral to sales & business growth as a whole. You can’t inform your existing & potential customers about your product/services without it. SAP Business One lets you create marketing campaigns to setup & send newsletters & offers e-mailer to your target audience using customers already in the system, leads or a list acquired from third party. Best part, it also tracks & regularly updates that list to better target them, increasing the efficiency of the campaign.

After Sales Service

Excellent After Sales Service is crucial for a satisfied & long-lasting customer relationship. It lets your customer know that you care. SAP Business One with its CRM functions & features helps simplify the communication process between the consumer & your after-sales team. This leads to a swift & effective resolution of the customer complaint/query, leaving you with a happy customer.Apart from the above SAP Business One also lets you develop potential opportunities & manage sales pipeline much more effectively. Trust me when I say that the list of SAP Business One advantages goes on and on. But one thing that’s a certainty in all this is the fact that SAP Business One is the best & most unique ERP & CRM solution for your business that will also help you increase sales & do much more.

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