FashionNx Solution Overview for Apparel Manufacturing 

FashionNx is arguably the most comprehensive ERP for Apparel Manufacturing industry. It has some of the most integral features such as Product Lifecycle Management, Operations Management, Inventory Management, etc. and the list goes on.

It can truly mould SAP Business One into the ideal ERP for apparel manufacturing without any hassles. But what is FashionNx? In this blog, we aim to provide a detailed overview of FashionNx and how it can be the best ERP for the Apparel Manufacturing industry. Let’s get started.

Powered by SAP Business One – the World’s Most Trusted ERP

FashionNx achieves the crucial goal of being a complete ERP solution for the Apparel & Footwear industry. It provides all the functional, technical, ease of use and security features built inside SAP B1 and offers unmatched end-to-end functionality for CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management, Finance, & Manufacturing. 

If you are an apparel manufacturer then you know how hard it can be to find the right ERP solution for your business. Well, not anymore. FashionNx has some of the most advanced feature sets for apparel manufacturers to run their business without worrying about anything else. It automates and integrates all the business functions of apparel manufacturing with ease. You can manage styles, product development, merchandising & sales, production planning & operations, supply chain management, financial management and business analytics. It brings organisation and structure to the way apparel manufacturing works and in turn, improves efficiency and overall productivity.


Let’s explore some of these features in detail. 


Features of FashionNx that aid
Apparel Manufacturing 

Product Design & Development

Product Design and Development is an integral part of the apparel manufacturing industry. FashionNX allows apparel manufacturers to easily organise and manage styles of apparel. It also gives the ability to plan the fashion calendar ahead of time, build collections of styles, tech packs, bill of materials and routing for approved styles. Apparel businesses can also create style repositories and define each technical aspect to get easy access to all style-related information in one place. 

Raw Materials Sourcing

Sourcing good quality raw materials is critical for apparel manufacturing. FashionNX empowers apparel manufacturers to operationalise raw materials sourcing by streamlining the procurement processes through the advanced capabilities of SAP Business One. Features like vendor profile creation, vendor evaluation and selection, vendor relationship management, and automation of the purchasing process, help apparel businesses ensure a comprehensive and optimised procurement process. 

Production & Materials Planning

Production & Materials Planning is an essential part of the apparel manufacturing process. With FashionNx, apparel manufacturers can efficiently plan material requirements, create production schedules, optimise shop-floor activities, build subcontractor schedules and edit materials and production plans. You can easily manage raw material inventories, generate purchase orders, and optimize production orders, schedules, and machine capacity.  You also get enhanced control of shop-floor operations, can automate subcontract order planning, and recalibrate material requirements plans, ensuring smooth production in manufacturing. 

Manufacturing Operations 

FashionNx provides a comprehensive setup for apparel manufacturing. Right from tracking and managing pre-production activities to managing & tracking reworks and real-time visibility through the production control center. You can manage and record sample orders, monitor material issuance, track finished sample completion, and validate production’s first piece with checklist integration. Plus, you get real-time recording of production activities on the shop floor and can track progress, and record material requests and issuances. Also, you can track and record machine-level operations and manage and track alterations and rework. Such real-time visibility into production line activities ensures production plans are adhered to and helps identify any deviations for prompt course correction with the help of the Production Control. 

Quality Inspection & Control 

Quality is of utmost importance in apparel manufacturing. After all, if the product is sub-par, it not only dashes the customer expectations but can also have negative long-term effects. Hence, FashionNx offers robust quality control measures to ensure top-quality merchandise at all times. It offers features such as extensive quality plans, inspections and records of raw materials quality, recording and maintaining fabric defects, quality checks during production and before shipment and defects management. Such exhaustive planning and implementation of quality checks at different stages of production ensures that the final product is always of top-notch quality. 

Inventory Management 

Inventory management can get chaotic. And that is something apparel manufacturers can’t allow to happen. FashionNx allows you to organise, manage and control Inventory effortlessly. You can convert approved styles to items and SKUs, group Items by creating bundles and packages, generate barcodes & print labels for inventory automation, record item transactions to track inventory movement, create and manage Production Bins to track the progress of manufacturing operations, and managing stock item replenishment. The inventory management that FashionNx provides for Apparel Manufacturing is truly unmatched. 

E-Commerce & Retail Sales 

E-commerce is all the rage today. Consumers love to shop online and businesses, especially apparel manufacturers have taken note. FashionNx takes it a step ahead and eases your path to a true omnichannel retail experience. It helps Integrate your business with popular eCommerce portals and ensure that catalogues, inventory levels, pricing, sales orders and shipments are synchronised in real-time. This reduces the risks associated with overselling or underselling. Plus, it enables sales order management and facilitates configuration of order formats, real-time import of eCommerce sales orders and shipment updates. FashionNx also supports POS and store operations, enabling businesses to run online or offline retail stores with customised orders, inventories, and retail schemes, allowing for seamless operations across all platforms 

Sales & Merchandising 

FashionNx brings Efficiency to Merchandising & Sales Tools. It has an array of features that enable apparel manufacturers to create style presentations, record customer feedback, and capture sales orders that cater to different business scenarios. Businesses can also create comprehensive dashboards with style codes, create and store records of multiple cost workings, and time and action plans for managing the progress of sales orders and tasks.

Financial Management 

FashionNx helps automate & manage financial operations for apparel manufacturers. It lets you manage GL operations, accounts receivables, vendor payments, banking and cash operations, and fixed assets. With the power of SAP Business One, it ensures multi-country localizations and statutory and tax compliance as well. You can also maintain the chart of accounts, processing journal vouchers, managing expenses, allocations, and budgets. Additional tools are available for financial analysis, audit, and tax compliance. 

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence is critical to all businesses. Apparel Manufacturing is no exception to it. FashionNx provides Smart Insights to Grow the Apparel Manufacturing Business. It offers features like style repositories for relevant style information, planning charts for a unified view of materials and production plans, and a production control center for real-time monitoring of production activities. You can also create pre-configured and customizable reports and dashboards to get detailed insights into different arms of your business such as accounting, sales, purchase, customers, vendors, banking, inventory reports, and HR. Microsoft Excel integration comes pre-built for both – simple and complex data analysis and reporting. 


FashionNX has been built and developed with inputs from industry leaders and domain experts. It is a true all-encompassing ERP for apparel manufacturing industry and is embedded with capabilities, tools, and industry best practices. 

It is time-tested and trusted by leading organizations in the industry and can streamline and bring efficiency to all apparel manufacturing businesses. 

We hope the overview we have provided in this blog gives you a good idea of FashionNx and how it can help you save costs, improve productivity, and assist you on the path to sustainable success.


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