Benefits of SAP Business One Hosting

SAP Business One is the popular ERP solution for Small & Medium Businesses from SAP. Being used by more than 50,000 customers worldwide – SAP Business One has primarily been used as an on-premise solution with solution being installed on a server and clients installed for every user. Though this may be desirable for locations where internet connectivity is a problem – the business incurs costs on maintenance of servers, clients, firewalls and internet connectivity, remote access (to allow users to access application from outside the premises).

With the introduction of browser based access in the latest version of SAP Business One, this is all set to change. Browser access is currently available only for cloud deployments and will be generally available with next major release. Browser Access allows users to access and use the full SAP Business One ERP from their internet browser, without installing any client.

This also benefits the users who are using it from hosted servers – with Citrix, Remote Desktop or Go-Global like tools. By migrating to new version, they do not need any third party tools to access the ERP.

Businesses can also opt for migrating their current installations to hosted environment. This allows them to save costs on maintenance and recurring investment on software and hardware upgrades. This also allows them to utilize browser access – which will allow them to access the full SAP Business One ERP from anywhere, anytime and from any device. The same licenses currently used in on-premise installation can be shifted to the hosted environment.

If you want a trial of the new feature or understand how your current installation can be hosted, please feel free to contact us.

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