Accelon Gets a New Logo

Our clients are increasingly facing more complex problems, and Accelon too, is catching up fast. We began about 10 years back – with the idea of designing SAP solutions that would redefine how our clients optimize their resources.

Today, we power 100s of enterprises across the world. Spanning across a wide range of domains including finance, manufacturing, inventory, sales and more. Be it customized ERP solutions or standalone products, we’ve engineered growth in several ways for clients in different verticals. We also leapt into mobile app development as our clients’ needs extended to that.

It’s been incredible so far! While our core values remain intact and perhaps are now even more interwoven with our work culture, certain things have changed. We’ve evolved during these years. And to reflect this, we’ve just designed a new logo.

The Story Behind Our New Logo

Our new logo is inspired from a maze, so much like the complex situations that our clients need help with. And then, there’s Accelon that develops a strategic and seamless solution that leads the way and helps them meet their business objectives.
The whole idea made sense right from the go.

Future Plans

We believe that our new logo represents us succinctly. It also represents how we plan to move forward from this point. As always, we’ll stay focused on building perfectly optimized solutions to help our clients realize their full potential.
We’re so thankful to our clients for believing in us all this while. We look forward to continuing the superb work.
Also, we’ve just moved into a cozy new office. Feeling as good as new!

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