Accelerate Your Manufacturing Business with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is the perfect ERP software for the manufacturing industry. As a SAP Business One partner, Accelon Technologies takes pride in helping manufacturers across the globe to optimize their inventory and streamline the production management processes.But why SAP Business One is the best manufacturing ERP software and how can you accelerate your manufacturing business with SAP Business One?We clear the fog for you in this write-up, check out the SAP Business One integration services from Accelon here – SAP Business One from Accelon Technologies.With SAP Business One, you can:
  • Increase your manufacturing business and the customer base with Web-Based CRM and e-commerce capabilities which are very much useful for such kind of industry.
  • Control your business with automatic alerts, workflows and respond to major business events and customer needs.
  • Get ease at your operations by easily integrating key business processes.
  • Customize SAP Business One to handle your changing needs and person-to-person user preferences with easy-to-use customization tools.

SAP Business One is helping the manufacturing industry grow instantly and derive more profit. It will help manufacturing businesses like you with:

Follow delivery times

Follow timelines like never before with SAP Business One. You can also reduce lead times and optimize your processes.

Reduce pre-production time

Improve your plans, communications and respond to always changing requirements which allows your projects to start early

Provide accurate quoting

Provide your customers with detailed quotes and manage your resources and materials with ease

Drive higher direct utilization rates

Ultimately enhance your machines and labour rates by improvising efficiencies with less indirect labour hours

Adapt faster

Adapt faster to change orders with clear data which makes sure your projects follow stringent timelines.

Provide customer satisfaction

With strict quality control measures, make sure your customers are getting quality products from your establishment.

But how SAP Business One helps you achieve these goals for your manufacturing business?

Here are some salient features of SAP Business One which ensures acceleration in your business processes:

1. Managing overall project and complete production cycle- Track inventory and stock movements in real time. Get detailed cross-functioning reports at the end of the period, let’s say a month. SAP Business One also provides ultimate management in manufacturing and logistics, cost accounting, controlling and much more.

2. Overall resource planning – SAP Business One allows you to control order and stock-related production, mixed production etc. These are the extensive material management features of your manufacturing business.

3. Pool controls – Plan efficiently with pool controls set by the volume of work

4. Quality check in real time – Plan and control the product quality right from the initial procurement to the overall manufacturing process

5. Estimating Costs – Create quotations for normal products as well as estimations for custom manufacturing orders and calculate profit margins easily.

6. Supply chain and sales management – Manage your supply sales as well as purchase including blanket orders and transactions supported by EDI industry standards.

7. Dashboarding – Prepare dashboards with the customization and get a 360-degree view at your business processes with flexible ad-hoc queries and analyses to enhance operative reporting

8. Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) – Take a look at order times, transition periods, lead times, bills of materials, capacity allocations, batch groups and resource availability

9. Warehouse Management – Improve inventory management with warehouse location tracking

10. Customized production – Maintain product variations at your plant to calculate, configure and integrate your product.

SAP Business One became the most popular ERP software for manufacturing industry for small as well as midsize businesses in no time.

With a dedicated team of SAP ERP consultants, Accelon is an awarded SAP partner. We offer tools to enhance your business through inventory optimization and managing the production processes efficiently.

Get in touch with our team and start accelerating your manufacturing processes today!

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