GST One – The E-invoicing & E-way Billing Solution

The 1st April 2022 deadline for compliance with the GST e-invoicing & e-way billing is nearly here. Businesses with a turnover exceeding 20 crore will have ensure that their businesses comply with the mandate. Earlier when the threshold was capped at 50+ crore. The threshold has been lowered and is bound to affect small businesses. For them, it means that starting 1st April, they will have to issue B2B e-invoices.

Not doing so will not only invalidate the invoice but also result in the recipient losing out on ITC (Input Tax Credit) and will invite additional penalties. The questions remains that irrespective of being a small or medium sized business, are they equipped to follow this order from the government? Do the businesses have the required tools to generate GST e-invoices and e-way bills? More specifically, is your business ready?

Maybe you have been following this development and are prepared since the last year. But in the even that you’re not, we are here to help. GST One is a premium GST E-invoicing and E-way Billing add-on created for SAP Business One ERP solution. You can generate b2b e-invoices & e-way bills with IRN, do Bulk Operations, Use & Create custom templates for invoices, Reconciliation, & much more. With the combination of GST One & SAP Business One at the helm, you can cast all your e-invoicing, business management & intelligence worries aside as they will all be taken care of.

And that’s not all, other benefits of GST E-invoicing include:

  • Helps reduce the mismatch & duplication errors & aids tremendously during data reconciliation.
  • A standardized format ensures that the e-invoice is understandable by any system.
  • Continuous trail of all your e-invoices & returns leads to an organized & transparent experience.
  • Is built for SAP Business One. That means you don’t need to change your ERP solution.

Whether you’re looking for a GST e-invoicing and e-way billing ERP solution or looking for an add-on for it, we have you covered with GST One & SAP Business One.

Get to know more about GST One here:

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