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Partnership Program

Welcome to the Accelon Partnership Program. An ideal partner program to sell SAP Business One Industry Solutions, add-ons, and technology offerings that expand the functionalities of SAP Business One and make it more capable.

Industry Solutions from Accelon 

Products & Solutions 

Apart from being a successful reseller and implementation partner of SAP Business One in India, Accelon offers a range of time-tested and proven industry solutions, add-ons, and hosting services. 

Clients across various verticals such as Retail, Textile, Apparel, Garment, Footwear, Accessories, and more have benefitted from them. 

Some of Our Innovative Industry Solutions are

FashionNx is a solution for managing apparel, footwear, and garments manufacturing. It automates design and development, merchandising and sales, production planning, supply chain management, and financial operations, developed with input from industry experts to meet practical needs. 

B1Bazaar is a comprehensive solution for retail business management, automating POS, store operations, head office functions, supply chain, CRM, and financial operations. It enhances customer trust with excellent retail experiences, ensures reliable processes, and offers insights for smart decision-making. 

bConnect is a communication framework for SAP Business One, automating document exchange with customers, suppliers, and employees. It supports sending documents via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and can export them in PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, and XML formats. 

Why Partner with Us

With a diverse portfolio of offerings, including B1Bazaar, FashionNx, B1Cloud, and more, we are well-positioned to help your business grow and succeed. You can leverage our expertise, resources, and market presence by partnering with us to unlock new opportunities and drive growth. 

Benefits of Collaborating
with Us

The Accelon Partnership Program offers a multitude of benefits to channel partners. Some of them are:

  • Partnership Perks

    The first and foremost benefits you receive when becoming a partner are – Channel Partner Margins & Discounts, Marketing Support, Pre-Sales & Sales Support & Implementation Support.

  • Increased Revenue

    Joining the Accelon Partner Program enables partners to tap into new revenue streams by offering innovative and in-demand solutions, leading to enhanced profitability and business growth.

  • Post Deployment Support

    Accelon equips partners with tools, resources, and expertise for post-implementation maintenance. Our online Product Help Centre offers product documentation, user manuals, guides, etc. for both partners and customers.

  • Expanded Reach

    Extend your market presence by accessing our extensive network and connecting with new customers.

  • Enhanced Expertise

    Benefit from our industry knowledge and experience to strengthen your business strategies.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Collaborate with us to gain access to and implement cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of your clients.

Partnership Program

Getting Started 

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To become a partner in the Accelon Partnership Program contact us using the information below. Once you’ve submitted the intent form our Partner Success Manager will commence the kick-off meeting at your chosen time.

Let’s work together to achieve Extraordinary Success & Win Together! 

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